Merrimack County's newest educator will help NH families lead healthier lives

Haeley Morin

Haeley Morin '14, '16G has joined UNH Cooperative Extension as an Extension teacher for the Nutrition Connections program in Merrimack County. Haley received a BS in nutrition and wellness at the University of New Hampshire as well as a master’s in Public Health. Her education in public health and nutrition, experience counseling families in various topics and passion for health education makes her a great asset for the team.

“There are many reasons why I am excited to join the Cooperative Extension team!” she said. “However, I am most excited to help educate and empower those in the low-income population to lead healthier lives through improved nutrition. I enjoy working with populations who otherwise may not have access to accurate health promotion information or messaging, so making a positive difference in their lives is important to me. I appreciate that Extension works with these populations to improve nutrition and health outcomes.”

As an Extension teacher in Merrimack County, Haeley will be teaching adults in the community as well as children in the local schools and Head Starts. 

Welcome Haeley to UNH Extension!  



Nutrition Connections Teacher
Extension Field Specialist, Health & Well-Being
Phone: (603) 796-2151 ext. 325
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824