How to Stay Active in the Winter (Even If You Hate the Cold)

During the winter months, it can be tempting to sit indoors all day rather than face the cold weather. However, it is important to stay active and keep our bodies moving all year long. When the weather gets colder, we may find ourselves being less active than we were during the warmer months.

Staying active is important because it can help to lower the risk of some diseases, help maintain weight, reduce stress and improve sleep. Being active can also help boost our immune system to keep us from getting sick. If you’re moderately active, you have a 20-30 percent lower chance of catching a cold! It is recommended that adults get 30 minutes of physical activity each day.


It can be difficult to find ways to stay active during the winter, especially when the weather is cold and stormy. However, there are many easy ways to get in activity, even if it is for 10 minutes at a time, three times each day. Try out these tips to help you (and your whole family!) stay active safely throughout the winter months:


  • Take the stairs as much as possible
  • Head to an indoor shopping center to walk around and window shop
  • Go ice skating at a local indoor skating rink
  • Find fitness classes at your local community center
  • Try swimming or water aerobics at your local indoor pool
  • Bundle up and take a walk outside, if the sidewalks are plowed and the weather is good (If you have a dog, bring him/her along too!) 
  • Dance around to your favorite music
  • Clean up around the house
  • Do some stretches or a workout at home, even during the commercial breaks of your favorite show


Try these different ways to stay moving and get the whole family involved!