Defoliators and Other Hardwood Pests (Webinar)

A part of the New Hampshire Forest Health Webinar Series

Fall webworm

On August 5th, Steve Roberge, Extension Forestry Specialist was joined by Kyle Lombard, Forest Health Program Coordinator, NH Division of Forests and Lands, for a look at pests causing problems for our hardwood forest. What is the difference between Forest Tent Caterpillar, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, and Fall webworm? What is the history of Browntail moth in NH and is it coming back? What is the latest on Beech Bark Disease and the initiative to use herbicides to control sprouting? 

SAF Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for this webinar (1.0). To qualify, view the video and complete the questions at the end. You will receive a certificate of attendance and national SAF will be notified. No partial credits awarded. 

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