Hillsborough County 4-H Recognition Program

On Saturday October 10th Hillsborough County 4-Hers and Volunteer Leaders were recognized for their years of membership and special achievements. The event was held via Zoom hosted and presented by our county 4-H Youth Leadership Team.

In the Spring of 2020 Covid-19 caused us to cancel many in-person programs and adapt to an unconventional and challenging way to deliver our 4-H programs. A move to virtual programs became our new reality. NH 4-H created activity kits to do at home, new ways to connect on social media, and ways to get outdoors (Summer Unplugged). We are still offering 4-H Club meetings (Zoom), STEM, agriculture, and healthy living programs but in a virtual way to stay safe and healthy. The patience and excitement of 4-Hers is to be applauded.

Here are some of the achievements by our 4-Hers during this challenging year:

STATE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR Marketing You resume program:

Staci Cook [Just Kidding Around]

Adee Cooper [Robots R Us]

Henook Cooper [Robots R Us]

Abbie Brown [Independent]

Adrianna George [Thumpers]

Rachel VanOlmen [Independent]



The traditional 4-H Fashion Revue/Selections program became the 4-H Fashion Mash-up.

Participating from Hillsborough County were:

Rebecca Hawkins (Pioneers 4-H Club) and

Sumaya Kulshreshtsha (Independent 4-Her)

4-H’ers across the state were busy sewing clothing and textiles (pillows, masks, aprons, etc.).  Seventeen youth shared their projects via photos and videos and we are excited to showcase their efforts in the New Hampshire 4-H Fashion Mash-Up video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZGo9X9cRUk&feature=youtu.be 



County and State Activities Days in-person events became 4-H Presents videos. There were a total of 150 video submissions with all 10 counties participating. Congratulations to all the Hillsborough County youth who submitted entries. The full results list can be seen at https://extension.unh.edu/events/2020-nh-4-h-presents-4-h-state-activities-day

State Honors:

Hannah Daniels (Hoofbeats), Gold, Intermediate Photo

Riley Gatlin (Thumpers), Gold, Intermediate Demonstration

Adrianna George (Thumpers), Gold, Senior Public Speaking

Corban Webster (Pioneers), Silver, Junior Poster and Gold, Junior Demonstration

London and Grace Webster (Pioneers), Gold, Senior Demonstration

Titus Webster (Pioneers), Gold, Senior Photo



Recognition is also bestowed upon those 4-Hers achieving certain years of membership with 4-H. Thank you to the Hillsborough County Parent/Leader/Teen Association for providing the certificates and pins to the youth members. Thank you to the 4-H Foundation of NH for providing the gifts to the volunteer leaders.

Members of the 4-H YLT presented the following:

  • pins to 20 first year Cloverbuds, 10 second year Cloverbuds and 4 third year Cloverbuds
  • certificates to 92 first year Members
  • pins to 63 third year Members, 8 fifth year Members, and 5 ten year Members.

Certificates and gifts were presented to Volunteer Leaders: 10 first year, 15 third year, and 7 fifth year, as well as special honors to Carolyn Hawkins for 10 years, Ian Gove for 15 years, Heather Aveni for 25 years and Terry Larouche for 40 years as 4-H Volunteers.

Congratulations to everyone! Thank you to everyone who has helped make the 2020 4-H year a success, even with the challenges we faced, and we look forward to a strong 2021