Nominate Granite State Food Heroes of 2020!

Happy 2021! Our Nutrition Connections team at UNH Extension has been reflecting on the incredible work done by organizations in 2020. Amazed, proud and inspired are just a few words to describe how we feel about those who supported food security this past year and those who contributed to our Food Access Map in response to the pandemic. Thank you!

Despite 2020's many challenges, we saw individuals bring forward dedication, creative thinking and community organizing, which supported our New Hampshire neighbors through challenging times.

Does someone especially come to mind? Who showed up big this past year and sprang into action to keep our vulnerable communities fed? Who stepped up, kept hope and pushed forward? Please help us celebrate those individuals by nominating them as 2020 Granite State Food Heroes. Submissions will be accepted until Jan 31st.

As we move forward to 2021, UNH Extension will continue supporting those who address food insecurity. One of the key ways we'll do this is through improving our Food Access Map. If you are an organization with a site on the map, please help us keep the information updated by reviewing your site listing and submitting updates through this form. New food support locations can be added with this form.

Here's to the new year and the many ways we can collaborate around healthy and accessible food for fellow Granite Staters!

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