If you receive SNAP benefits, you may have heard of Double Up Food Bucks or Granite State Market Match. Both are incentive programs offered to SNAP EBT recipients in order to stretch their food dollars for fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) 

DUFB offers 50% off fruits and vegetables at participating stores and is offered year-round. Just mention Double Up Food Bucks before you swipe your SNAP EBT card and 50% will be taken off the price of fresh fruits and vegetables. The discount can take up to $10 off per day (which means you can buy $20 of fruits and veggies every day), so be sure to spread out your produce shopping. This will help make sure you receive the most bang for your buck, and that the fresh produce you buy won’t go to waste. You can also support local growers by looking for Eat Local signs at your neighborhood grocery store. Visit nheatslocal.com for more information about the NH Eats Local Month of August. 

Visit DoubleUpNH.org for a list of participating stores. 

The Plain and Simple: 

  • 50% off fruits and vegetables  

  • At participating food stores 

  • Up to $10 off per day 

  • Available year-round  

Granite State Market Match (GSMM) 

GSMM is a fruit and vegetable benefit program for SNAP recipients that is specific to farmers markets and farm stands. For every dollar you spend at a participating farmers’ market or farm stand, you get $1 back toward fresh fruits and veggies. This means that if you plan to use $10 of your SNAP benefits at a farmers' market, GSMM will give you another $10 to spend on fruits and vegetables. When you arrive at a farmer's market, look for the SNAP/EBT sign and there someone will swipe your SNAP EBT card just like at a grocery store.  

The Plain and Simple: 

  • To use at farmers' markets or farm stands 

  • Get $1 toward fruits and veggies for every dollar spent (double the produce for the money!) 

  • Use SNAP EBT as a credit card, just like at the store 

  • Get fresh produce AND support local farms

Visit GraniteStateMarketMatch.org or participating locations

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