Two faceless women stand in a field of grass, one holds a basket of apples.

The NH Farm Network (a new collaborative across various organizations) needs the input and perspectives of beginner farmers in order to develop an inclusive and collaborative farm network to serve the New Hampshire farming community. The Network seeks a beginner farmer liaison to help connect the Network with the needs of beginner farmers. The liaison will meet with the NH Farm Network and its steering committee to provide ongoing direction to the development of NH Farm Network program. The liaison will receive a $1,000 stipend for their participation. The time commitment is expected to be approximately 40 hours between August and October, 2021. BIPOC, LGBTQIA and women farmers encouraged to apply. Our only requirement is that you are a self-defined full or part time beginner farmer in New Hampshire, willing to share you experience and perspective as a beginner farmer.  Apply with a statement of interest here.

With questions, please inquire with: or 603-447-3834


This project is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program under subaward number SNE20-008-NH