New Hampshire and Maine Farmers benefit from individualized assistance

  • Two people discussing carrots at a farm stand in Stratham NH

A new joint state initiative helps farmers in Maine and New Hampshire improve food safety on their farms.  Called Jumpstart to Farm Food Safety with Extension, the project offers farmers the chance to work individually with an Extension educator, trained in produce safety.

Educators help farmers take important steps to address farm food safety concerns, including : 

  • starting, continuing or rejuvenating a farm food safety plan
  • designing a safer and more efficient wash/pack area
  • writing, reviewing or improving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • training staff in health and hygiene
  • drawing a farm or irrigation map

The planning process includes individualized farm risk analysis,  followed by the development of a risk reduction plan of action specific to your needs.

Educators can assist remotely or visit a farm to assess food safety risks and advise on ways to decrease or eliminate them.

Learn more and Apply

Contact UNH Extension Food Safety Extension Specialist Mary Saucier Choate, 603-787-6944,  to answer your farm food safety questions.

Visit the "Jumpstart to Farm Food Safety with Extension" web page, hosted by our friends at UMaine Cooperative Extension.

This project is made possible by a three-year grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture - USDA to assist fruit and vegetable farmers in Maine and New Hampshire with farm food safety planning. 


Food Safety Field Specialist
Extension Field Specialist, Food Safety
Phone: 603-787-6944
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