UNH Extension is focusing our efforts on Health & Well-Being

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This is the first edition of this newsletter that we hope will help connect you to valuable partners and resources. It is part of an effort here at UNH Extension to focus more of our energy and expertise towards improving health and well-being in New Hampshire.

While Extension has for a long time provided information and programming in a broad range of areas like youth development, nutrition and agriculture, we are prioritizing health and well-being specifically because we know it is now one of the grand challenges of our times.  

Locally, the challenge of supporting healthy living in New Hampshire has never been more important. The ripple effects of mental health challenges and substance abuse, and the crippling healthcare costs of poor nutrition and chronic disease are statewide issues that have serious impact on the lives of families and the resilience of our communities. These issues, and their inequitable distribution, have been exacerbated by the pandemic. 

UNH Extension is uniquely situated to leverage NH strengths to face these challenges and we know that success will come from close partnerships with you. We are hoping this newsletter is one step of many towards the kind of collaboration that will make life better in NH – for everyone. To subscribe to the newsletter Live Free, Be Well click here.

Our specialists  help create healthy people and healthy places in New Hampshire. 

Featured Program this month

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Michael Young
Health & Well-Being Program Leader
Phone: (603) 862-1805
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824