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Virtual meetings provide an opportunity to gather people in different locations easily. However, it is important for meeting hosts and participants to prepare to make meetings successful and effective. The following resources provide best practices and tools to help make virtual meetings more efficient.


  • Best Practices: Hosting a Virtual Meeting. This handout outlines recommendations for meeting hosts including: planning your meeting for success, sharing information with participants, technological considerations and tips for hosting the actual meeting.
  • Best Practices: Participating in a Virtual Meeting. This handout provides guidance for participants in a virtual meeting, including setting up technology, practicing before the meeting, respecting group norms and being aware of your behavior on screen.
  • Rockingham Planning Commission Uses New Interface to Host Public Hearing. As municipalities and organizations are quickly adapting to hosting their public meetings remotely, there is no shortage of software platforms they can choose to use. This blog shares Rockingham Planning Commission’s experience using Public Input.com to host their public hearing.

Recorded Webinars:

  • Best Practices for Effective Online Meetings. For meeting hosts and participants, this webinar details strategies you can use before and during meetings to make you virtual meetings effective.
  • Advanced Tools for Managing Zoom Meetings. This webinar provides guidance on using advanced tools in Zoom to make your virtual meetings interactive. Tools reviewed include polling, virtual whiteboard, breakout rooms and sharing presentations and recording. 
  • Remote Public Meetings in the Time of COVID-19. Designed for municipal staff, this webinar offers a panel discussion of best practices for conducting remote public meetings. Topics covered include NH Emergency Orders #12 and #16 and compliance with the NH Right to Know Law.
  • Lessons Learned from a Remote Public Hearing. This webinar goes over some best practices for conducting a remote public hearing. The Town of Swanzey’s Director of Planning & Economic Development, Matthew Bachler, shares his experience conducting a public hearing on a Zoning Board application using the Zoom webinar platform, including challenges he faced and some tips for facilitating the meeting.
  • Tips for Improving Your Hybrid (Virtual/In-Person) Meetings. Managing a meeting with members participating in person and others attending remotely can be challenging and presents obstacles beyond those of wholly virtual meetings. This webinar recording provides best practices for planning and managing hybrid meetings to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and all participants can be actively involved.


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