Joining a 4-H Youth Leadership Team

4-H is built on the premise that youth are the future- and as such, it is our job to ensure they develop into the strong leaders that our clubs, communities, and world need. New Hampshire 4-H has a Youth Leadership structure that includes a State Youth Leadership Team  (SYLT) that is comprised of 5 youth, elected into their spot on the 4-H SYLT by their peers each June. In addition to the State team, there are County Youth Leadership Teams are made up of tween and teen youth ready to take action and raise their voices for the needs of their community. County teams are made up of 5 Officers and member delegates.

If you are interested in hearing more about the youth leadership team in your community contact your local 4-H County Program Manager.


Important Dates:

County Youth Leadership Team are organized on a local level with County 4-H Officers elected each August. All Officers are required to attend the NH 4-H Youth Leadership Retreat the 3rd weekend of October each year. 

Youth interested in running for a spot on the State Youth Leadership Team must have been a COunty Youth Leadership Team and must at least be entering their Junior year of High School. All SYLT Applications are due to Dr. Kate Guerdat at by June 1, and are elected at 4-H Teen Conference annually.

Required Applications:

County YLT Application

State YLT Application

NH 4-H State and County Youth Leadership Team Structure