Community Leadership

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Working Together

Helping citizen groups stay focused, work together and take action that benefits their communities.

Community Engagement Academy

Teaching innovative and proven techniques that reach and engage all New Hampshire residents.

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Community Engagement event

Community Profiles

Provides an opportunity for communities to affirm strengths, identify opportunities for change, envision a vibrant future, create action plans.

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Skills for Community Volunteers & Leaders

Helping citizen groups stay focused, work together and take action that benefits their communities.

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Community leadership workshop


An Interview with Karen Bassett of the New England Coffee Festival
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What is an action plan?

An action plan outlines the steps necessary for action groups to complete in order to achieve their go... Learn More
Focus Groups

A small group of people (usually no more than 10) is brought together to engage in a directed discussion about a ... Learn More
Key Informants

Community residents (sometimes leaders) who are in a position to know the community, have wide contacts  in the... Learn More