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Update (5/25/21):

The soil testing lab is open!

Due to COVID-19 the lab will only be accepting samples by mail until further notice. Your safety and the safety of our students, faculty and staff are our highest priority. Please do NOT drop off a sample to the Durham campus. For more information, and to access our soil testing forms please visit the links below. Turnaround time for soil testing is three weeks from the time we receive the sample(s). Our staff continues to work remotely. For questions, please send an email to or leave a message for Shyloh Favreau at 603-862-3200 Please visit our FAQ page to help answer any of your soil testing questions.

Please mail all samples to:

UNH Cooperative Extension Soil Lab

Spaulding Hall - Room G28

38 Academic Way

Durham, NH 03824



UNH Cooperative Extension provides soil analysis and fertilizer recommendations to farmers, homeowners and researchers. Recommendations are based on the latest research and are specific to the crop being grown.  

The cost per sample varies depending upon the test you choose.

Detailed information about the many available testing options, prices, forms, and instructions for collecting and submitting your soil sample can be found on the Test Your Soil page below.


Location, hours and contact information.

Soil testing forms