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4-H Fun and Learning at Home

Keep your family happily busy with an array of fun and educational activities exploring the 4-H STEM / Makers pathway, all from the comfort of your home.

Featured Activities

  • 4-H Summer Unplugged: Birding in Your Backyard and Beyond. Have you ever wondered how many different types of birds visit your backyard in any given day? With this 4-H To Go Kit, you will learn ways to attract, identify, and count as many different birds as you can over a 4-week period, then build decorative bird baths to complete your backyard bird’s home!
  • 4-H Summer Unplugged: Homestyle Camping. Camping is a blast no matter where you are! After a night of homestyle camping, join a outdoor living skill session and learn how to some non-traditional methods of camp cooking, including how to make an oven from a cardboard box!
  • 4-H Summer Unplugged: Designing with Nature. What is your favorite flower, tree, or shrub? Better yet, have you recently played with your fruit and vegetables? This program will get you noticing all of the flora around you and give you a chance to use them to make art!

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