Insect Identification

  • close up of an insect on a leaf

Whether you are concerned about the potential for an insect to cause harm to you, your home or the environment, or if you are simply curious to know what species an insect is, the Insect Identification Service can identify insects, spiders, ticks and other arthropods that you deliver to the lab by mail or in person.

Update (8/11/2022)

The Insect Identification Service will resume in-person sample drop off at our new location on August 15, 2022.


If you are mailing in sample(s), please note that we have a new mailing address!  Please send all samples to the address below. 

*Note: If you sent your soil sample to the previous Spaulding Hall address, your sample will be forwarded to our new address and you do not need to send a new sample.

Mail all samples to: 

     UNH Extension Soil Testing Service

     34 Sage Way

     Durham, NH 03824

 Additionally, our staff are accepting digital samples sent by email to Submission must include your name, phone number, business name, county, where you found the specimen and good, in-focus images.

Identification Submission Form  $10.00 fee per specimen
Location, Hours and contact information

Accurate identification of an insect is easiest when the specimens are in good condition. Refer to our best practices for submitting your insect for identification to help ensure that your specimen arrives in good shape.

The UNH Insect Identification Lab does not test for tick-borne illnesses. If you need a tick tested for disease, please use TickReportTM.


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