2019 NH Coverts Project Annual Report

Coverts volunteer in the woods

Thank you to the 137 volunteers who completed the 2019 Coverts Project Survey! I look forward all year to hearing what you have been up to - you’ve managed habitat for wildlife, helped to conserve land in your communities, and engaged your friends, families, and neighbors. The variety of ways you volunteer and the number of hours you put in is, as always, impressive and inspiring.

The 2019 Annual Report for the Coverts Project is posted online, and represents a compilation of all of your surveys and other data our office collects (e.g. Speaking for Wildlife information). Check out the full report and a short summary of it here:

Here are some highlights of The Coverts Project in 2019:

  • Volunteers contributed 21,602 hours on behalf of forest stewardship and wildlife habitat conservation
  • Volunteers actively managed 11,830 acres of habitat
  • Volunteers reached 15,295 people with a stewardship message
  • Since 1999, volunteers with the Coverts Project have helped to permanently conserve over 325,000 acres of land in New Hampshire

A big thank you from those of us here at UNH Cooperative Extension, lead project sponsor NH Fish & Game, and other project sponsors and supporters. We're grateful for all of your help in compiling this data, and for all you do for wildlife and forests in New Hampshire!


Haley Andreozzi
Wildlife Outreach Program Manager
Phone: (603) 862-5327
Office: Cooperative Extension, Nesmith Hall, Durham, NH 03824