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On June 2nd, NH Division of Forests and Lands, NH Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA), NH Sustainable Forestry Initiative State Implementation Committee and UNH Cooperative Extension hosted a webinar on the current state of forest products markets.

Representatives from across the forest products industry provided updates in a roundtable format to over 65 participants covering topics such as biomass electricity, pulp and paper markets, lumber demand and more.

The forest industry in the northeast has been hit hard in the last couple of years. The challenges have been compounding with major market losses including biomass electricity plant closures, an industrial accident at a major regional pulp mill, and COVID-19 impacts.

This webinar showcases the current market conditions in NH, a policy update from NHTOA, as well as an update from the NH Division of Forests and Lands.

The webinar lasted approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes; see the agenda below for topics, speakers and the start time for each topic.

View the webinar at this link: NH Forest Products Markets and Policy Update


Introduction (0:00)  

New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands Update (3:30) - Will Guinn

Market Roundup

  • Biomass electricity (12:55) - Hunter Carbee, North Country Procurement
  • Wood heat (22:00) - Charlie Niebling, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions (INRS)
  • Hemlock pulp (33:45) - Leo Maslan, Finch
  • Hardwood pulp (40:55) - Ross Caron, Sappi
  • Forester perspective (45:26) - Dennis McKenney, New England Forestry Consultants
  • Timber mats – Ties (51:40) - Steve Patten, Pine Tree Lumber (provided by Andy Fast)
  • Pine sawlogs, lumber, and exports (53:57) - Ed Witt, Madison Lumber
  • Hardwood sawlogs, lumber, and exports (58:28) - George Davenport & Bruce Dahn, HHP
  • Pixelle Specialty Solutions (1:10:47) - Mike Watts, Pixelle Specialty Solutions
  • Spruce-fir sawlogs, lumber, and exports (1:18:20) - John Ballew, Milan Lumber (provided by Andy Fast)

Northeast Wood Markets Retention and New Market Recruitment Initiative (120:29) – Charlie Levesque, NEFA, INRS

Policy Update (122:25) - Jasen Stock, New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association


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