On September 15th, NH Division of Forests and Lands, NH Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA), NH Sustainable Forestry Initiative State Implementation Committee and UNH Cooperative Extension hosted a webinar on the current state of forest products markets.

Representatives from across the forest products industry provided updates in a roundtable format to approximately 65 participants covering topics such as biomass electricity, pulp and paper markets, lumber demand and more.

This webinar showcases the current market conditions in NH, and a policy update from NHTOA.

The webinar lasted approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes; see the agenda below for topics, speakers and the start time for each topic.

Please view the webinar below:


Welcome (0:00)

Market Roundup

  • Logger – Fort Mountain Companies, Jeff Eames Welcome (4:35)  
  • Wood heat - INRS, Charlie Niebling (9:00)  
  • Hemlock Pulp - Finch Paper, Leo Maslan (20:40)  
  • Hardwood Pulp – ND Paper, David Harvey (28:15)  
  • Biomass electricity - N. Country Procurement, Hunter Carbee (35:10)
  • Pine Logs/Lumber – King Forest Industries, John King (42:40)
  • Hardwood Logs/Lumber - HHP, George Davenport & Bruce Dahn (44:45)
  • Hardwood Logs/Lumber – Kennebec Lumber, Conor Callahan (54:54)
  • Hardwood Logs/Lumber – J.M. Champeau, Joey Goudreau (58:00)

Policy Update (104:15) - Jasen Stock, New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association


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