A NH Forest Products Markets Update webinar took place on March 17th, 2022.

Experts representing a range of New Hampshire Forest products markets spoke to 54 attendees about their market observations and expectations. Additional information was provided from the USDA Forest Service and the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association.



Andy Fast, UNH Cooperative Extension (00:00:00)

Market Update

Patrick Rappold – USDA Forest Service (00:03:27)

Jasen Stock – NHTOA (00:11:30)

Kristen Carrier McRae – PR Russell (00:26:30)

Shawn Durgin – Hull Forest Products, Bradford yard (00:32:27)

John Moses - Britton Lumber (00:37:21)


Andy Fast (00:51:12)

Co-sponsored by:  NH Division of Forests and LandsNH Timberland Owners Association and NH Sustainable Forestry Initiative State Implementation Committee. Support was also provided by the USDA Forest Service.


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