The Power of Connection: Preventing Youth Substance Misuse

Kendra Lewis, Melissa Lee

Youth substance misuse remains a challenge in New Hampshire (NH), and for some substances, teens are increasing usage. According to Youth Risk Behavior Survey data, nearly 34% of teens currently use an electronic vapor product. Nearly 27% drink alcohol, and 26% currently use marijuana.

Adults can play a critical role in helping prevent youth substance misuse. UNH Extension collaborated with The Partnership@drugfreeNH to develop a video featuring youth voices. NH teens speak about how caring and supportive adults in their lives can help them avoid substances and prevent subsequent challenges. This video highlights the power of connection in preventing substance misuse, and that we can all play a role in making a difference in the lives of young people.

Check out the video here:

Want to share the video to a group of parents, school staff, coalition members, or other youth-serving organizations? Check out our discussion guide to help you start a conversation with adults on how they can support young people:

And don’t forget to share our tip sheets on talking with teens about substance misuse and building connections:


Kendra Lewis
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Melissa Lee
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