NH Coverts Project Group Photo

The 2022 NH Coverts Project Workshop was held during April and May, when twenty-three attendees from all over New Hampshire spent time online and in the field together learning about wildlife habitat, forest ecology, conservation, stewardship, and outreach. The new group of Coverts volunteers includes landowners, conservation commission members, conservation organization staff, interested citizens, and educators, among others. Here's a brief introduction to the new Coverts volunteers from the 2022 training:

Monique from Atkinson plans to write blurbs for social media and articles for the local paper.

Rebecca from Chocorua wants to develop a management plan for her property using available landowner cost-share options.

Carolyn from Peterborough wants to develop a plan for her property and connect with neighbors and local boards.

Shaun from Kittery will bring what he’s learned to his work in conservation for a regional land trust.

Rob & Pam from Newton are going to attend Conservation Commission meetings and share information about conservation options with their neighbors.

Shawn from Rye wants to use the materials and resources provided to host an educational forum with local residents and landowners.

Karina from Deerfield wants to pursue a forest management plan for her property and manage her field to remove invasives and create pollinator habitat.

Rebecca from Chatham wants to develop a wildlife habitat management plan for her property and host an educational workshop.

Janet from Candia will share what she’s learned with her family members and neighbors and develop a management plan for her property.

Grace from Northwood will share information and resources with the land trust board she serves on and write articles for their newsletter.

Mark from Nashua plans to write a series of articles for his neighborhood newsletter and incorporate information into his work on the Planning Board.

Alex from Chocorua wants to develop management plans for all of the properties owned by the land trust he leads.

Deborah from Newmarket intends to manage her property to reduce invasives and diversify habitat.

Mel from Bradford wants to develop a wildlife habitat management plan for her property.

Jody from Plainfield will continue her work on the conservation commission, and also inventory and monitor wildlife on her property.

Ulia from Sullivan plans to develop a wildlife habitat management plan for her property and explore conservation options.

Gregg from Acworth wants to increase awareness for wildlife corridors in his town and incorporate corridors into conservation planning.

Paul from Atkinson plans to bring what he’s learned his work as chair of the Atkinson Conservation Commission, including timber harvests, conservation efforts, and volunteer initiatives.

John from Hudson plans to share what he’s learned with his family, including his grandchildren, and neighbors and walk his land with his county forester.

Marc from Orford plans to engage with the town’s Conservation Commission and other organizations in Grafton County to work on invasive species issues.

Jennifer from Wolfeboro wants to volunteer with Nature Groupie and will explore opportunities to contribute to environmental education initiatives.

Scenes from the 2022 Coverts Project Training