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2018 The Farms of Carroll County booklet
This guide is a grassroots form of cooperative marketing and a public education tool. Eating local and supporting our region’s farms begins with aware...
4-H Foundation 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
The 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire holds an annual meeting to thank donors and members of the 4-H community. It celebrates the past year's accom...
New Hampshire 4-H
4-H Foundation Board of Directors 2019-20
The current 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire board of directors, for 2019-2020.<br /> <br /> *Denotes preferred location for 4-H phone calls<br /> <...
Administration, Extension Leadership New Hampshire 4-H
8 Tips for Donating Food to Food Banks and Pantries
The United States has an abundant food supply, yet many people lack access to healthy and safe food. Some people in this situation rely on food assist...
Food Safety
Carroll County 2019 Highlights
2019 Year in Review: Carroll County<br /> <br /> Carroll County is the gateway between New Hampshire’s lakes and mountains regions—spanning from Squ...
Extension Leadership, Administration
Carroll County 2020 Highlights
A Year in Review, Carroll County, 2020<br /> <br /> Carroll County Contributions: $284,291<br /> <br /> State Contributions: $498,969 (In 2020, fo...
Advisory Councils, Administration
Carroll County 4-H Awards
Please nominate a maximum of one member for each of these awards, and please do not nominate a single youth for more than one award.<br /> <br /> Ca...
Carroll County- A Year in Review 2017
Cultivating Success in New Hampshire<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> ENGAGE<br /> <br /> Carroll County and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) pro...
Extension Leadership, Administration
Carroll County- A Year in Review 2018
Carroll County- A Year in Review 2018
Extension Leadership, Administration
For Grant Awardees: 2020-2021 Grant Report Form
This form is for grant recipients to report on their projects when they have completed them. This report is for projects or events that occurred betwe...
New Hampshire 4-H