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2021 County and State Highlights
County and state highlights for 2021
Extension Leadership, Advisory Councils Resources
Simple and Delicious: Pantry Inspired Recipes
The Simple and Delicious recipe series supports food pantry clients using ingredients found at their New Hampshire food pantry. These recipes can help...
Health & Well-Being, Food Access
Merrimack County 2020 Highlights
A Year in Review: Merrimack County, 2020<br /> <br /> Merrimack County Contributions: $434,930<br /> <br /> State Contributions: $705,380 (In 2020...
Advisory Councils Resources, Administration Resources
Merrimack County 4-H: Fashion Revue (Event Resources)
Resources for Merrimack County 4-H Fashion Revue & Selections.
FY23 4-H Foundation Pathway Funding Application
The application is now open for Fiscal Year 2023.
Health & Well-Being, STEM Education, Administration Resources, Administrative Support New Hampshire 4-H
4-H Foundation 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
The 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire holds an annual meeting to thank donors and members of the 4-H community. It celebrates the past year&#039;s accom...
New Hampshire 4-H
NH 4-H Virtual Community Center
Your Online Source for 4-H Fun and Learning at Home<br /> <br /> In New Hampshire 4-H, we strive to make our best better no matter the circumstance....
New Hampshire 4-H
Merrimack County 2019 Highlights
2019 Year in Review: Merrimack County<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Centrally located in the heart of New Hampshire, ...
Administration Resources, Extension Leadership
[RESCHEDULED] 2020 Teen Conference: Pre-application for Merrimack County 4-H
If you are a Merrimack County 4-H Member and plan to register for Teen Conference please fill out the Merrimack County 4-H Pre-Application and mail th...
Merrimack County 4-H: Volunteer Resources
BECOME A VOLUNTEER!<br /> <br /> Volunteers play a vital role in the ongoing growth and development of youth in New Hampshire and beyond. Become a 4...