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4-H Fun and Learning at Home

Keep your family happily busy with an array of fun and educational activities exploring the 4-H Agricultural Science pathway, all from the comfort of your home.

Featured Activities

  • 4-H Summer Unplugged: Grow a Pizza Garden. Did you know you can grow your very own pizza? From the vegetables to the herbs, you can grow all the toppings for a pizza. This 4-H To Go Kit will have everything you need to plant, sustain, and harvest vegetables in your backyard!
  • 4-H Summer Unplugged: Ag in a Box. Do you love livestock and learning more about them? In this 4-H To Go Kit you will receive all the materials you need to help you learn and apply animal science through animal projects and activities.
  • 4-H Summer Unplugged: Designing with Nature. What is your favorite flower, tree, or shrub? Better yet, have you recently played with your fruit and vegetables? This program will get you noticing all of the flora around you and give you a chance to use them to make art!

More Activities

  • Choose Your Animal. What kind of animal do you dream of having? Do you want to raise dairy goats? Laying hens? Pet dog, cat, or rabbit? Working dog for farm work (herding or guardian) or a service animal? Beef or dairy cow? There are many, many kinds of animals that people raise for all sorts of reasons!
  • Finding Animal Signs. Do you know how many animals live in our yards, fields, woods, and streams? You may not always see them, but you can almost always find animal signs.
  • Design and Model Your Dream Farm. Have you always dreamed of having your own farm? This activity challenges you to design the farm of your dreams!
  • Let's ROOT for Each Other! Garden Challenge. What are you growing this spring? Post your garden photos in the NH 4-H Community Group on Facebook. Or find signs of new growth out in nature!
  • Tabletop Microgreens. Create a simple hydroponic system using just seeds, water, a paint tray, and paper towels, then enjoy some delicious microgreens!
  • Make a Plant Press. Choose leaves from your garden, a house plant, or on a nature walk, then make your own plant press to make a leaf print!
  • Bark and Leaf Rubbings. Have you taken time to notice all the beautiful trees and shrubs in New Hampshire? Bark and leaf rubbings are a great way to keep track of all the trees and shrubs you observe.
  • Every Part Has a Name! Anatomy Challenge. Make a model or a drawing of any animal (including human) anatomical system or part!
  • Bread, Butter, and Grilled Cheese Please! Break out of the traditional grilled cheese sandwiches to something new and exciting! Get creative with grilled cheese to make it even tastier and more nutritious.
  • Roots Rule: Build Your Own Root System. Can you build a root system that can hold a pencil in place?
  • Plant Potatoes in a Pot. There’s no need to wait for spring to start growing your own food. Start these potatoes indoors and then move them outside to your back deck or porch as the weather improves.
  • Kitchen Scrap Gardening. Don’t toss it, plant it! Kitchen scrap gardening is a fun way to grow new food with recycled food found right in your kitchen.

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