Plant-a-Row with Strafford County 4-H and Nutrition Connections Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be slowly receding in our rear view mirror while we speed ahead on the fuel of this pandemic – new perspectives, appreciation of the simple things, and elevated awareness of community needs. Yet, we are still facing an age-old opponent – hunger.

Food pantries provide immediate hunger relief to thousands of New Hampshire residents each year. However, there is a difference between absence of hunger, and the presence of health. If you've donated to a food pantry before, you have probably dropped off a couple extra cans of soup, boxed pasta, or cereal, but have you ever considered donating something fresh? It can be as easy as a sprinkle of seeds... 

Strafford County 4-H and Nutrition Connections are kicking off their second year of Plant-a-Row, the national initiative to supply food pantries with locally grown, in-season produce. Pantries participating in Plant-a-Row are now welcoming donations of fresh produce from local community members and farms. While canning preserves the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, there’s nothing like biting into a juicy watermelon, or topping your burger with a flavorful, homegrown tomato.  Plant-a-Row allows pantry-goers to access fresh produce when they may not normally be able to. To help increase access to foods that build a healthy lifestyle, all you need to do is plant a row of seeds, then share them with your family, friends, or community pantry.  

Interested in Growing or Donating? 

  1. Register to receive a garden kit here.  

  2. Plant and grow! Join the Plant-A-Row Facebook group for growing tips, recipes, and community support.

  3. Share and donate - Enjoy the fruits of your labor at home, with a neighbor, or by donating to one of your participating local pantries

 Visit the Plant-a-Row page for more information about growing and where to donate.