COVID-19: Resources and information for growers and producers

The information here is intended to help guide the fruit and vegetable farming community in the face of COVID-19. If you have concerns or additional suggestions please contact the UNH Extension Vegetable & Fruit Team at

We have compiled several helpful resources that may address some of your questions and concerns: 

Considerations for Fruit and Vegetable Growers Related to Coronavirus & COVID-19 - UVM Extension Ag Engineering

The Farmer’s Response to Disease Outbreaks: Biosecurity, Simple Cleaning, and Disinfection Can Slow or Stop the Spread of COVID-19 – University of Maine

Farm Food Safety Worker Health and Hygiene – UNH Extension

A Guide to Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting for Produce Farms - UVM Extension

COVID-19 Precautions from Field to Market --  UNH Extension

Local Farmers' Markets do their part to Flatten the Curve on Coronavirus - NC State Extension

Novel Coronavirus Prevention & Control for Farms – Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers - CDC

Building Farm Resilience in this Crisis - Cornell Small Farm Team

Farmers’ Markets’ Responses to COVID-19 – Blog – Farmers’ Market Coalition

Diagnostic services update - Due to the public health concern caused by COVID-19, all University offices have been closed and we are adjusting diagnostic services until further notice. We are still here to help you diagnose problems remotely! Find additional information at the link above.

Please note that Italy and China have experienced some additional hurdles, including some difficulty of accessing raw agricultural products such as seed and fertilizer. We recommend that if you haven’t already placed orders for spring planting, for feed supplies, fertilizer, potting soil and other supplies, you do so as quickly as possible. We do not know what spring will look like, but if Italy is any indicator, borders may be shut down, feed and fertilizer plants may close, and access to product may slow.  Also, it is important to consider how you will operate if your workforce is unable to come to work because they are sick. 

The situation continues to change rapidly, and we’ll continue to update this list as more information becomes available. Also, good discussions are taking place on our regional grower listservs, such as the VT Vegetable and Berry Growers’ Listserv, or the NH Vegetable and Berry Discussion Forum. Please consider using these forums to share your suggestions and advice with one another.