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4-H American Youth Horse Council Symposium
The AYHC Symposium presents an opportunity for adult and student leaders in the youth horse industry to learn, network, share ideas and grow as an ind...
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4-H Youth Summit on Agri-Science
The National 4‑H Youth Summit on Agri-Science provides an opportunity for high school students from around the country to develop the skills and knowl...
New Hampshire 4-H
4-H Youth Summit on Healthy Living
At the National Youth Summit on Healthy Living, high school students develop the knowledge and skills to address issues surrounding nutrition, physica...
Youth Mental Health & Wellness New Hampshire 4-H
Become a 4-H Volunteer in Cheshire County
Volunteers are the backbone of 4-H youth development. They provide the leadership and mentorship that is essential to 4-H.<br /> <br /> In 4-H there...
COVID-19 Protocols for 4-H Volunteers
Guidelines for 4-H Volunteers for before, during, and after in-person 4-H experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Enrolling in NH 4-H
Youth and families use 4-H Online to enroll in NH 4-H programming. By enrolling online, you are connected to the world of 4-H and will receive regular...
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NH 4-H Community Classifieds
Welcome to the NH 4-H Community Classifieds page! We have developed this resource to help our community share resources throughout our 4-H program and...
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NH 4-H Summer Unplugged Series
School&#039;s out for summer and it&#039;s time to unplug.  NH 4-H has designed several “4-H to Go” kits for youth and families to help move away from...
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NH 4-H Virtual Community Center
Your Online Source for 4-H Fun and Learning at Home<br /> <br /> In New Hampshire 4-H, we strive to make our best better no matter the circumstance....
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Updated October 14, 2021: COVID-19 Protocols for Participants in 4-H Experiences
As of September 14, 2021:<br /> <br /> All parents and guardians of New Hampshire 4-H participants<br /> are required to review these guidelines. <...
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