To help respond to the Coronavirus outbreak, the NH Food-Access Map Survey will help connect communities to food-access resources and needs around our state

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Are you providing food for those in need? Is your food pantry or kitchen in need of donations? If so, please fill out the NH Food-Access Map Survey to connect communities to food-access resources and needs around our state.

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> What is the NH Food Access Map?

COVID-19 has both increased the need for food resources, and created an environment in which they are more difficult to obtain. In response, countless food-access sites around our state have stepped up to meet the needs in their communities. Many organizations have altered schedules and site locations during this time. 

UNH Cooperative Extension seeks to better connect communities to up-to-date food resources in an upcoming “Food Access Map”. This map is targeted to those in need of resources, as well as those looking to support sites with donations and volunteerism. Your support is needed to successfully bring this resource to our state.

Collectively, we can bring all of these initiatives to one place. We hope a resource like this can help people in our communities better navigate what's available to them, and support one another in this time of need. 


> How can I help?

Please fill out the NH Food-Access Map Survey with information on your food-access site, and/or the volunteering and monetary gaps your sites may be experiencing. Your survey submission will create a “dot” on the NH Food-Access Map, which will be opened to the public by March 30, 2020. Note: The survey will be still be open afrer the map becomes live, so please feel free to add your sites after this date.

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Pantries, Kitchens, and Meal Sites:

Please fill out this survey with your most up-to-date information. If you need support, connect with your local public health networks, or the UNH Cooperative Extension support listed below. We thank you for all that you are doing!

Community Partners: 

Please send this survey to pantries, kitchen, and other food-access sites in your areas. Please support these sites in filling out the survey if needed. Thank you!

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> What if I have a question?

For food-access questions, or assistance filling out this survey, please contact:

Heidi Barker

Brooke Kelleher 

Sara Oberle

For technology or mapping questions, please contact:

Shane Bradt


Healthy Living Field Specialist, Community Health & 4-H
Extension Field Specialist, Health & Well-Being
Phone: (603) 788-4961
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Extension Professor, Biological Sciences
Extension Professor, Geography
Full Extension State Specialist Professor
Phone: 603-862-4277
Office: Cooperative Extension, Nesmith Hall Room 319, Durham, NH 03824

Nutrition Connections Teacher
Extension Field Specialist, Health & Well-Being
Phone: (603) 749-2529
Office: Youth and Family, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824