Practical Benefits of Participating in the UNH Extension Nutrition Workshop Series

Beyond health benefits, our programs can help you save money and build a career

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UNH Extension nutrition programs are engaging, evidence-based and free to New Hampshire residents with limited resources. Nutrition workshops cover topics like creative cooking, techniques to address picky eating, gardening for health, how to save money at your local store or farmer’s market and fun ways to add movement to your days.

You might be familiar with the health benefits of participating in these workshops such as weight loss, increased strength and mobility, decreased food costs and more confidence in the kitchen, but there are many practical benefits as well. By participating in our programs, you can:

Increase Employment Skills

UNH Extension nutrition programs can help participants develop skills that are useful for continued, successful employment — like punctuality, teamwork, resource management, problem-solving, food service and food preparation. The certificate of completion also demonstrates commitment to learning and follow-through. These are qualities that employers love!

Save Money by Improving Health

Having a healthier family increases work productivity and decreases absenteeism. In a job that is based on your work output (like factory work), you can usually do more when you feel better. Doing more can sometimes get you bonuses. The less often you and your family members are sick, the less often you must miss work. If you don’t have paid vacation time, you won’t have to miss out on lost wages from calling in sick to work, which puts more money in your pocket.

Build Your Resume

Completing a UNH Extension Nutrition Education series is a great resume builder. In the job market, food service workers, childcare workers, LPNs, nurse’s aides and personal care assistants may benefit from knowledge of food and nutrition.

Reduce Risk of Illness

Foodborne illness can often cause people to miss one or two days of work. Our nutrition programs can help reduce a family’s risk of developing foodborne illness.

Demonstrate Parenting Responsibility

For custody cases involving parents who have experienced alcohol or drug addictions, participation in Extension classes can demonstrate that the parent is taking an active role in trying to be a good role model for their children and learning how to feed their children. Lessons might also fulfill some of the requirements needed for foster parents.

Earn WIC Educational Hours or Work Experience Hours

For parents who are receiving WIC benefits, nutrition classes may count towards their requirements for WIC educational hours. Certain classes might also be counted as work hours for Work Experience Programs.

Get Started on Path to Further Education

Completing Extension’s nutrition classes might help participants get into some nutrition-related training programs, like a Dietetic Technicians Registered (DTR) program, which results in an associate’s degree.

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