Find time to enjoy the great outdoors in New Hampshire

  • Group of four people walking a trail in the fall taking pictures with their phones.

October is a great time to get outdoors and explore New Hampshire fall scenery. Take in the beautiful fall colors – reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and greens – as you go on your walk.

Why not visit one or more of the Best Walking Trails in New Hampshire throughout the month? Looking for more trails TrailFinder is another great resource to find trails near you. As you walk and explore, practice some mindfulness techniques by using your five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Breath in the fresh, crisp fall air by taking a breathing moment – this practice is a great way to be fully present in the moment.

Parents and children out for a walk in the fall.

Make sure to bring water and healthy snacks with you to keep you hydrated and keep your energy up. Also make sure to protect yourself from ticks and other bugs and wear the proper clothing for that day’s weather. It is always a good idea to dress in layers this time of year.

Join us this month in prioritizing moving more! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  1. Commit to walking this month! If 3x/week is too much, aim for once or twice and build on your capacity! The goal is to move more!
  2. Hold yourself accountable: take photos on your walks! These can be selfies, photos of your view, a photo of something you saw on your walk that made you happy, etc.
  3. Share with us! Tag us in your walking photos or share with us directly! Extension will share them on our social media accounts to show our support! See you outdoors #NH! #NHMoves #Walktober23

The best part is you know what you might discover!

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