This position is based at UNH's campus in Durham, N.H.
We are seeking a dynamic and results-oriented individual to join our team as the Associate Director of Development and 4-H Foundation Executive Direct... Learn More
New Year's was just around the corner! Did you set yourself a New Year's resolution foal to improve your health this year? Whether you were looking at... Learn More
You would think cooking for one would be easier, but cooking for one, or even two, can have its own challenges. Typically, recipes are created for mul... Learn More
Extension county foresters help citizens and landowners learn about and care for New Hampshire's forests, trees, wildlife and habitats. Because they'r... Learn More
Sharing the perspectives of women landowners and managers in New Hampshire as part of the Women in the Woods project.
Women in the Woods is a collaboration between UNH Cooperative Extension, NH Timberland Owners Association, the Society for the Protection of New Hamps... Learn More
Along with the raising popularity of gym culture and building muscle, athletes and people in general have been all over the protein hype. Protein is a... Learn More
This position is based at Extension's Hillsborough County office in Goffstown, N.H.
This position is based at the Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension office in Goffstown, N.H., and leads UNH Extension’s educational, technical an... Learn More
With attention fully on pine and oak over the last couple of years, many foresters didn’t notice that eastern hemlocks were producing lots of seeds th... Learn More
Thank you to the 76 volunteers who completed the 2023 Coverts Project Survey! The 2023 Annual Report for the Coverts Project is posted online, and rep... Learn More
Woodlot Wandering Series
One topic that comes up on almost every one of my woodlot walks is wildlife habitat. Sometimes the discussion is about managing the existing habitat,... Learn More