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Bats in New Hampshire [brochure]
Bats are the only mammals that truly fly. They are generally nocturnal, sleeping during the day and beginning to fly at dusk to forage for insects…
Natural Resources
Be a Field Scientist and Map Your Own Backyard [STEM Activity]
Science notebooks have been used by scientists throughout history to document their work in the field and laboratory. Scientists fill these notebook…
Beavers and Their Control
Introduction Beavers were numerous in New Hampshire when European settlers first arrived. Their pelts were extremely valuable to trappers who, at…
Wildlife, Natural Resources Natural Resources
Become a 4-H Volunteer in Cheshire County
Volunteers are the backbone of 4-H youth development. They provide the leadership and mentorship that is essential to 4-H. In 4-H there are lots…
Bed Bugs [fact sheet]
Pest Fact Sheet Introduction From fossil remains in ancient Egypt, we know that the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, has troubled humans in…
Yard & Garden
Bee Nest Box Guidelines
New Hampshire is home to hundreds of species of native bees. Many of NH’s native bees are cavity nesting mason bees and leafcutter bees. These…
Landscape Installation & Maintenance, Agriculture & Gardens, Speaking for Wildlife, Natural Resources Agriculture & Gardens, Natural Resources
Bees and Their Habitats in Four New England States [bulletin]
Published by the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station This publication was produced by members of the Northern New England…
Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Agriculture & Gardens, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Landscape Installation & Maintenance, Taking Action for Wildlife, Natural Resources Agriculture & Gardens, Natural Resources
Beetles on Ornamental Plants [fact sheet]
In late spring and early summer, there are several species of adult beetles in the home landscapes of New Hampshire, attacking prized ornamental…
Landscape Installation & Maintenance, Agriculture & Gardens Agriculture & Gardens
Being an Advocate for Extension
BACKGROUND Advisory leaders are extension's most effective advocates. Well informed and articulate advisory leaders can be very effective…
Advisory Councils, Administration
Belknap County 2019 Highlights
2019 Year in Review: Belknap County Belknap County is in the heart of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with lakes, mountains and forestland used…
Administration, Extension Leadership
Belknap County 2020 Highlights
A Year in Review: Belknap County, 2020 Belknap County Contributions: $161,700 State Contributions: $449,303 (In 2020, for every $1.00 Belknap…
Advisory Councils, Administration
Belknap County 4-H Volunteer Resources
To become a 4-H Volunteer: Contact our county 4-H Program Manager at 603.527.5475 Complete the following: Online: 4-H Volunteer…
Belknap County Fair Mandatory Fair Expectation Statement
2022 Belknap County Fair Mandatory Expectation Statement
Belknap County Fair Open Entry Form
Open Entry Form for 2022 Belknap County Fair
Belknap County- A Year in Review 2017
Cultivating Success in New Hampshire ENGAGE Belknap County and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) provide resources that support Belknap…
Administration, Extension Leadership
Belknap County-A Year in Review 2018
Belknap County-A Year in Review 2018
Extension Leadership, Administration
Beneficial Insects in New Hampshire Farms & Gardens [fact sheet]
Although there are plenty of references on insect pests, there are relatively few references that feature beneficial insects. I wrote this…
Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Agriculture & Gardens, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Best Management Practices for Farmers Markets: Thinking through Operations during a Pandemic and Beyond [webinar recording]
We are all living in new and challenging times.  Farmers markets, this season, will be operating in alternative ways and will have a different look.…
Agriculture & Gardens
Best Management Practices for Forestry: Protecting New Hampshire's Water Quality
While this manual is full of helpful information, it isn't New Hampshire's official BMP document. For the official manual see Best…
Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Natural Resources
Best Management Practices to Help Stop the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer in New Hampshire [rack card]
Natural spread of emerald ash borer (EAB) takes decades; human-assisted spread takes only hours. Following best management practices will help…
Forest & Trees, Natural Resources, NH Bugs Natural Resources