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Growing Grapes in New Hampshire [fact sheet]
Introduction Low winter temperatures and a short growing season generally limit grape production to the southern half of New Hampshire. Grape…
Location: Durham Campus
Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Agriculture & Gardens, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Branching Out 4-H Agri-Science Club
Ever wonder how things grow, maple syrup is made, what a pollinator does, or what the difference is between a pest and insect? Join the Branching Out…
Yard & Garden, School Gardening, Health & Well-Being, STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H
Register Your Camper
We are opening registrations with the expectation that Barry Conservation 4-H will be able to operate in 2021.  We are planning COVID protocols that…
New Hampshire 4-H
Finding Your Farm [Webinar Recording]
Recorded on February 9, 2021. View the recording of this webinar. Finding farmland can be a challenge for beginning farmers here in New Hampshire…
Agriculture & Gardens, Agricultural Business Management, Farm Estate & Succession Planning Agriculture & Gardens
Protection of Minors Training for Volunteers and Staff
The Protection of Minors Training is required to be taken by all faculty, staff and volunteers who work with a UNH Youth Program. If you are unsure…
Health & Well-Being, Healthy Schools NH, Nutrition Connections, STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H
Merrimack County 4-H: Fashion Revue (Event Resources)
Resources for Merrimack County 4-H Fashion Revue & Selections.
NH Invasives Academy Resources
Resources Used in Academy Guide to New Hampshire Invasive Upland Plants (.pdf) Prohibited Plant Species Poster (pdf) Picking Our Battles: A…
Forest & Trees
FY23 4-H Foundation Pathway Funding Application
The application is now open for Fiscal Year 2023.
Health & Well-Being, STEM Education, Administration Resources, Administrative Support New Hampshire 4-H
Barry Conservation Camp Scholarship Information
There are many opportunities for "camperships" to help keep BCC affordable for families.   Several opportunities are listed below.   This…
Barry Conservation 4-H Camp New Hampshire 4-H
Community Engagement Report: Hood Park, Derry NH 2020
In the summer of 2020, the Town of Derry began the process of engaging the community to determine the future of Hood Park. Goals included creating a…
Community Leadership Community & Economic Development Research Report
Community and Economic Development 2020 Impacts
Read Our Success Stories
Location: Durham Campus
Tourism, Outdoor Recreation & Nature Economy, Economic Development, Community Leadership Community & Economic Development
Winter Strategies to Support Downtowns: Considerations for Outdoor Dining
Over the summer and fall, many businesses expanded their outdoor dining and retail options by using sidewalks, parking spaces, and surface lots. As…
Economic Development Community & Economic Development Fact Sheet
Growing Woody Cut Branch Crops [fact sheet]
Introduction   Cut branch crops are shrubs from which branches are harvested for their unique shape, color, flowers or fruit and used as…
Location: Durham Campus
Greenhouse, Nursery & Garden Centers, Agriculture & Gardens, Landscape Installation & Maintenance Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Science Bonanza - Build Your Own Home Hydroponic System
Hydroponics is about growing plants without soil. In this how-to video we will build a simple but effective raft system to grow our own hydroponic…
New Hampshire 4-H
2020 Volunteer Impacts (Infographic)
Extension's volunteer Impact on the state of New Hampshire in 2020.
Administration Resources, Advisory Councils Resources
Fertilizer Injection Calibration [fact sheet]
Fertilizing too much or too little are the most common nutritional problems in greenhouse production. Fertilizer injectors are used for…
Location: Durham Campus
Greenhouse, Nursery & Garden Centers, Agriculture & Gardens Agriculture & Gardens
Create a Plant Maze: Grow a bean in a jar [STEM activity]
Plant biologists investigate the conditions that influence plant growth and study how plants grow in different environments. They carry out these…
Thanksgiving Turkey Tips [tip sheet]
Hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving? Make sure you are up to date with the essential "know-hows," such as pounds needed per person…
Health & Well-Being, Nutrition Connections Fact Sheet
Purchasing Compost [tip sheet]
Many different types and percentages of organic materials may go into any given batch of compost, so no two batches – even from the same supplier – …
Yard & Garden, Community Gardening
Science Bonanza: Knots and Pulleys
We use knots and pulleys every day. Participants will get the chance to learn how to make a simple pully and learn how to tie three different knots,…
New Hampshire 4-H