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Learn About Natural Resources Stewards
LEARN, EXPLORE & SHARE THE NATURE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE The Natural Resources Steward program offers a comprehensive training and volunteer support…
Natural Resources, Natural Resources Stewards Natural Resources
Lakes Lay Monitoring Program Lakes
Lakes Lay Monitoring Program
Ways to Increase Milk Production
Dairy farmers probably get sick of hearing the age- old advice of “you’ve got to increase production to be more profitable”. However, there isn’t a…
Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops, Agriculture & Gardens Agriculture & Gardens
Plant a Row with Strafford County 4-H & Rockingham County 4-H
One of the challenges Granite Staters are facing is food insecurity. Whether you are looking to supplement your own household, or would like to…
Health & Well-Being, Well Connected Communities New Hampshire 4-H
Determining Monetary Values of Feedstuffs [fact sheet]
Concentrates are always a high proportion of the cost of a feed ration due to their contribution as primary energy and protein sources in dairy feeds…
Agriculture & Gardens, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Community Gardens
Community gardens are wonderful places to grow fresh healthy food, create beautiful productive spaces that nurture the soul, and bring people…
Yard & Garden, Community Gardening
Test Your Soil
Taking a soil sample is easy. Here's a one minute video to show you how. 
Agriculture & Gardens
Research Report: Figs for Cold Climates 2021
Fig is grown commercially in mild climates throughout the world. Fig offers the potential to be a high-value crop in New England, but to be…
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Research Report
Making Sense of Trusts as an Estate Planning Tool [Webinar Recording]
2021 Future of the Farm Webinar Series Recorded on April 13, 2021. View the recording. Trusts seem like a logical way to pass on farm assets to…
Agricultural Business Management, Agriculture & Gardens Agriculture & Gardens
Best Practices for Submitting Your Soil Sample
Cooperative Extension’s soil testing service dates back to 2005. The number of samples we process averages more than 3,000 a year. The following list…
Agriculture & Gardens, Soil Testing Services, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens
Communities and Small Business Working on Resilience
The pandemic has disrupted the economy, employment, and community vibrancy. Small towns and main streets have been especially hard hit by the impact…
Economic Development Community & Economic Development Fact Sheet
NH 4-H Livestock Auction - Buyer Information
Become a buyer and bid on Beef, Meat Goats, Lamb, & Swine farm raised by NH 4-H Members will be auctioned.
New Hampshire 4-H
NH 4-H Livestock Auction - Seller Information
4-H youth members who raise Beef, Meat Goats, Lamb, & Swine are invited to join us at the auction as a seller.
New Hampshire 4-H
NH 4-H Livestock Auction - Sponsor Information
Become a sponsor at the NH 4-H Livestock Show & Auction!
New Hampshire 4-H
Chester 4-H Junior Rifle & Archery League
Thank you for your interest in 4-H Shooting Sports! The Chester 4-H Junior Rifle & Archery League has been operating for nearly 20 years,…
Impacts of COVID-19 on Nature and Economy in Northern New Hampshire
During the summer of 2020, we interviewed 20 economic development and conservation volunteers about the impact of the pandemic in Northern NH…
Location: Durham Campus
Economic Development, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation & Nature Economy Community & Economic Development
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) [Online Recertification Course]
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Integrated Pest Management, commonly referred to as "IPM", is a pest management approach that focuses…
Agriculture & Gardens, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Pesticide Safety Education Agriculture & Gardens
Simple and Delicious: Pantry Inspired Recipes
The Simple and Delicious recipe series supports food pantry clients using ingredients found at their New Hampshire food pantry. These recipes can…
Health & Well-Being, Food Access
Community Garden Virtual Binder
There's a lot to know in planting a garden, whether it is your own, a community garden or a school garden. Below are links to several fact…
Community Gardening, Yard & Garden
Making Your Farm Available to a Successor [Webinar Recording]
2021 Future of the Farm Webinar Series Recorded on March 9, 2021.  View the recording. This webinar gives an overview of ways that farm or land…
Agricultural Business Management, Agriculture & Gardens Agriculture & Gardens