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Dairy Management Alternatives in Low Income Years [Videos]
The following two webinars were a part of the Risk Management Education Series hosted by UNH Cooperative Extension on March 2, 2017. Making a…
Agricultural Business Management, Agriculture & Gardens, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Agriculture & Gardens
Dairy Webinar - Financial Tools [video]
Click the link below to view a recording of our June 16 webinar focusing on financial tools for dairy producers. The program features emeritus…
Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops, Agriculture & Gardens
Dalrymple Graduate Fellow: Qualitative Research
Who is eligible? Any student enrolled in a graduate program at the University of New Hampshire.  About the fellowship: The Dalrymple Fellowship…
Location: Durham Campus
Economic Development
Dealing with Woodchuck Damage [fact sheet]
Woodchucks frequently damage plants in NH home grounds and gardens. They mow down many garden plants, and dig burrows which dry out the roots of…
Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Agriculture & Gardens, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens
Derry Hood Park Community Engagement Final Report
UNH Cooperative Extension partnered with the Town of Derry to lead a community outreach and engagement effort to re-imagine Hood Park. This report…
Location: Durham Campus
Economic Development
Design and Model Your Dream Farm [4-H Activity]
Have you always dreamed of having your own farm? This activity challenges you to design the farm of your dreams! Activity Steps Choose the…
New Hampshire 4-H
Design Considerations for Lumber Pile Covers in Air-Dry Yards
When air-drying green lumber a specified period of time or holding green inventory long enough for loss of value to occur, it is recommended to place…
Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Natural Resources
Design Your Own Field Walk Promotional Flyer
The Microsoft Word document provides a template for creating a flyer for Speaking for Wildlife field walks.    
Determining Monetary Values of Feedstuffs [fact sheet]
Concentrates are always a high proportion of the cost of a feed ration due to their contribution as primary energy and protein sources in dairy feeds…
Agriculture & Gardens, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Developing the Senses: Guess the Fruit or Vegetable [activity]
What to do Put a fruit or vegetable in a small paper bag. Have the children sit in a circle and guess what is in the bag without looking inside.…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being
Dieback of Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus): Pathogens, Pests and a Changing Climate
Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) is one of the most economically valuable and ecologically important forest trees in the northeast. It is also an…
Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Natural Resources Fact Sheet
Directory of Landscape Professionals Trained in Ecological Landscaping for Water Quality Protection
Many property owners want to implement ecological landscape practices that protect water quality, but don't have the knowledge, skills and/or…
Agriculture & Gardens, Landscape Installation & Maintenance
Directory of Licensed Foresters
The Directory of Licensed Foresters is an online database of foresters licensed in New Hampshire who provide services to private landowners and…
Natural Resources, Forest & Trees, NH Coverts Project Natural Resources
Discula "Dogwood" Anthracnose [fact sheet]
Introduction The native flowering dogwood, Cornus florida is a popular ornamental tree that thrives well in the warmer areas of New Hampshire. The…
Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Agriculture & Gardens, Pesticide Safety Education, Plant Disease & Diagnosis Services Agriculture & Gardens
Distinguishing Characteristics of 56 Forest Trees
This resource is a summary of common forest tree characteristics. The fact sheet includes descriptions of the leaves, twigs, fruit, bark, and also…
Forest & Trees, Natural Resources Natural Resources
Diversify Your Action Group
Ensure that the group is well-represented by a diverse population of community members—consider adding:
Location: Durham Campus
Economic Development
Does FSMA's Preventive Controls Rule Apply to your Maple Operation?
Some maple operations will have compliance requirements under the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act or…
Agriculture & Gardens, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Agriculture & Gardens, Natural Resources
Does Open Space Pay?
In 1996, the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension published Does Open Space Pay? a compilation of economic studies of Fremont, Deerfield…
Forest & Trees, Natural Resources Natural Resources
Does the Preventive Controls Rule of FSMA Apply to You? [Online Tool]
UNH Cooperative Extension's FSMA team have created an online survey tool to help food businesses and food processors determine whether the…
Agriculture & Gardens, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Agriculture & Gardens
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite [fact sheet]
What are bed bugs? Bed bugs have tormented people throughout human history. They are now increasingly becoming a problem within residences of all…
Insect Identification Services, Agriculture & Gardens, Yard & Garden Fact Sheet