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4-H Fit BINGO [4-H Activity]
This is a fun fitness activity for youth and their families. It can be done at home indoors or outdoors and might be a great break from homeschooling…
Health & Well-Being New Hampshire 4-H Activity
4-H Healthy Living Bingo
Every month our 4-H Healthy Living team creates a simple assortment of healthy things to add to your day. These are easy little tips to incorporate…
Health & Well-Being New Hampshire 4-H
4th H Challenge [Curriculum]
Join the Challenge, Join the Fun The 4th H has been revised:  Check it Out! Looking for ways to make club meetings healthier and even more…
Health & Well-Being New Hampshire 4-H
Adults Eating Smart [Online Class]
Our classic nutrition and cooking class is going virtual! Join us for a free healthy living series that focuses on the basics of nutrition,…
Health & Well-Being, Nutrition Connections
Branching Out 4-H Agri-Science Club
Ever wonder how things grow, maple syrup is made, what a pollinator does, or what the difference is between a pest and insect? Join the Branching Out…
Yard & Garden, School Gardening, Health & Well-Being, STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H
Bread, Butter, and Grilled Cheese Please! [4-H Activity]
Break out of the traditional grilled cheese sandwiches to something new and exciting! Get creative with grilled cheese to make it even tastier and…
Health & Well-Being New Hampshire 4-H
CACFP Halftime: Thirty on Thursdays Training Webinars
Join Team Nutrition for monthly training webinars on hot topics related to the CACFP Meal Pattern requirements. Webinars are presented on the third…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being, Healthy Schools NH
CACFP Training Tools
CACFP has resources and publications that will help you put together great tasting, nutritious meals and snacks that children will enjoy. CACFP…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being
COVID-19 Safety Training for Outdoor Volunteers
Volunteers from any organization needing COVID-19 safety training for outdoor work may complete this 12:46-minute training module to receive a…
Administration, Advisory Councils, Yard & Garden, New Hampshire Master Gardeners, Health & Well-Being, Nutrition Connections, Natural Resources, Nature Groupie, STEM Education, STEM Docents, Citizen Science Projects
Developing the Senses: Guess the Fruit or Vegetable [activity]
What to do Put a fruit or vegetable in a small paper bag. Have the children sit in a circle and guess what is in the bag without looking inside.…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being
Farmers Market Consumers in New Hampshire
Executive Summary A survey of 513 New Hampshire residents conducted in February 2017 has revealed that about 84 percent of respondents have…
Agricultural Business Management, Agriculture & Gardens, Farmers Markets, Health & Well-Being, Granite State Market Match Agriculture & Gardens
Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt
Bring the children along for some additional fun by printing off the Farmers' Market Scavenger Hunt Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt! Find…
Farmers Markets, Health & Well-Being, Granite State Market Match, Nutrition Connections
Follow the Red Pepper [activity]
What to do This is an adapted version of “Follow the Leader.” Ask a volunteer to be the “Red Pepper” leader. Give the “Red Pepper” the…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being
Free Curricula
If your school has at least 50 % of its students receiving free and reduced meals, Nutrition Connections staff can come into your classroom to teach…
Healthy Schools NH, Health & Well-Being
From a Grain of Wheat [activity]
What to say Begin this lesson with a discussion of favorite breads. Which group on the MyPlate has bread in it? What other food is in that group?…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being
Fruit/Vegetable Group Picture Cards [activity]
What to do Click on Download resource in upper right hand corner for cards. Give each child one of the Fruit or Vegetable Group picture cards…
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being Activity
FY23 4-H Foundation Pathway Funding Application
The application is now open for Fiscal Year 2023.
Health & Well-Being, STEM Education, Administration, Administrative Support New Hampshire 4-H
Get to Know Nutrition Connections
Nutrition Connections teaches families how to eat healthy and save money. We are a research-based program that works with your organization to…
Nutrition Connections, Health & Well-Being
Granite State Market Match - NH Food Bank [video]
A one minute video explaining the Granite State Market Match program.  Learn more at and Follow on Facebook 
Granite State Market Match, Health & Well-Being
Healthy Celebrations , Healthy Rewards and Fundraisers
Many school wellness policies encourage healthy celebrations and fundraisers. While this may seem like a difficult task, there are many good ideas…
Healthy Schools NH, Health & Well-Being